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US Drug Policy

Nobody debates that the US is a little behind the times in many respects. But England's recent relaxation of drug policies regarding marijuana makes us look like idiots.

I (obviously, if you know me) support the decriminalization of marijuana. Far too many law enforcement resources are directed toward the pointless pursuit of detaining harmless pot smokers. This has all been said before, as noted by many comments to a recent kuro5hin article that rehashes (heh) the problem of the States' overblown criminalization of soft drugs. Please, read the article, even if you are blindly (heck, even purposefully) opposed to drug use or legalization. I found one comment regarding heroin addiction and the "tradition" of overdose reports by coroners very informative.

UPDATE: San Francisco Supervisor Mark Leno wants to supplement the city's revenue by growing marijuana in empty city lots. Rob Morse makes a great point about the security measures they'd have to implement to protect those costly crops, though...

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