12" Picks: 8/02

With all the moving stuff going on, and work being the hell that it is, I haven't had that much time to go record shopping. Nonetheless, here are my house picks for the month:

  • Nathan Drew Larsen - Give Chase [Mise En Place Remix] (Airtight)
  • The Logic Box - Lezard Voice (Adult Only)
  • Chill (?) - Do It (Blueprint Music)
  • Jess Mindt - Urban Tap (Combustible)
  • Robin Porter & Mike Carr - Mental Stealth EP (Immigrant)
  • Omni A.M. & Casey Hogan - In Time of Flying (Euphoria)
  • George T - If Deepness Is Your Weakness (Funky Piranha)
  • Maetrik - The Fall Out EP (Intrinsic Design)
  • Terry Francis - Hello, Acid Dathera (Technical House)
  • Chad Mitchell & Jay Tripwire - Over It (Republica)

Stay tuned for more charts, I'm going to try making this a recurring deal. I would also like to make the announcement that my friend George's record is being considered for licensing on a new mix CD by Hipp-E and Halo on Fabric's new imprint. Good luck, George!

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